by Jacob Goins

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A warm melodious journey tracing the cycle of leaves through 'falling,' 'bare,' and 'returning.' With earthy folk tones these songs explore the beautifully simple and difficult decision of trust, and what it is to leave comfort behind and face the unknown. It is the cycle of anticipating winter, feeling winter, and looking back at winter. With songs to represent each state, Leaves embarks on a journey of blindness, longing, lightheartedness, and joy.

All proceeds are greatly and humbly appreciated, and go directly towards the creation of more music.


released May 17, 2016

Andrew Goins - Upright Bass (tracks 1, 2, and 8) and Vocals (track 2)

Lauren Herrington - Piano (tracks 3 and 4)

Brionna Sparks - Vocals (track 8)

Ethan Logan - Vocals (track 2)

Noah Lescalleet - Cajon (track 1)

Jacob Goins - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Ukulele, Violin, Glockenspiel, Whistling, Box, Washboard, Sandals, Chain, Tambourine, Lap.

Thanks to all of my awesome friends who contributed their time and unique talents to my project! You brought so many elements to these songs that I never could have done by myself.



all rights reserved


Jacob Goins Brasstown, North Carolina

Jacob is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from the mountains of North Carolina.
He crafts music that is warm and welcoming with illustrative and vivid representation. These songs are inspired by nature and it's creator.
This music is the result of many late nights of recording with a home studio setup and an organic approach to instrumentation.
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Track Name: Autumn Brings Winter
Autumn brings color; Autumn brings colorful decay.
Autumn brings orange; Autumn brings orange art display.

Autumn brings sunshine; Autumn brings sunshine's colder rays.
Autumn brings winter; Autumn brings winter's chilled embrace.

The year is waning, the leaves wane with the year.
It's cold outside, but it's warm in here.

Autumn brings silence; Autumn brings the silence of change.
Autumn brings my love; Autumn brings my love for crisper days.

Autumn brings my love; Oh, He whispers in the wind!
Autumn brings winter, Autumn brings winter.

Leaves fall like the summertime; Fall brings warmth of heart and mind.
Fall reminds me there's beauty with change
Oh, there's beauty with change!
Track Name: On Another Creature's Back
On another creature's back, you've painted the face of another.

I see the eyes and the tip of a feathered arm;
I see the breast and the colors that keep him from harm.
Oh, the beautiful deception, a predetor's complexion,
On another creature's back.
Track Name: Winter Song
You shed your coat long ago, and traded for covers of snow.
You shed your coat long before the frost came biting at the cold, brown floor.

She silenced your melodies; melodies of color singing, singing through your leaves.
Her breath froze your poetry; poetry of wind tickling, tickling your leaves.

Her fingers hold on tight, Sprinkling all with white.
But her grip can never reach your mighty roots anchored in the deep.


In winter's light, I tried to fight, when all I needed was to rest.
In winter's light, I tried to fight, when all I needed was to trust.
Oh to trust!
Oh I trust.


I'm waiting for your melodies of color coming in the springtime.
Track Name: Embarking
I stop my feet and look over
My shoulder at what I'm leaving behind;
The comfortable warm hearth that is so hard to find.

I walk and gaze at the snowy path ahead.
It looks so bright and cold,
But your love will be my bed.

I'm embarking, but I'm blind.
I'm embarking, but I don't know what will become of this.


Sometimes I'll think as I journey of my old home,
But I'll sigh with longing
As I think of my true home that's to come.

Sometimes I'll sing as I'm going,
sometimes I'll cry,
Oh I know that love will surround me until the day I die.

Sometimes I'll walk,
Sometimes I'll run,
Sometimes I'll dance,
But I know that my feet won't walk alone.


I don't know where tomorrow lies, but I trust as I walk; I trust the artist of the skies. Painter of the skies.
Track Name: Leaves Again
It's been a bitter winter;
Chilled me to the core.

It's been a trying winter;
I'm weary of the storm.

When the snow settles down,
All I can do is wait it out;
Painfully wait it out.


I've been waiting so long!
To hear your sweet songs again.
And oh, pretty tree,
I love you in the spring!

And I can see your leaves again.


My hope was not misplaced,
I can feel rebirthed embrace;
Made and maker's embrace.

I've seen you in all four seasons.
Seen you shed your coat for cold,
Seen you give the white it's mold,
Seen you don your dress of green,
when you blossom in the spring.

Oh, pretty tree.
Track Name: Bared Free
Your love dances from your fingers, constant as the stars.
It’s what I need, it’s all I need.

Your love is in the universe, greater than my mind can see.
It’s what I breathe, it’s all I need.

Let my walls crumble down; let my heart be bared free.

Your love sings in the autumn, winter, and spring.
It’s what I sing, it’s all I need.

Let my walls crumble down; let my heart be bared free.

Leave left no more room, fill every part of me.